Covid Safety Measures at TradFest Temple Bar

Medical grade air disinfection and protection from Novaerus.

TradFest Temple Bar are proud to partner with Novaerus to ensure the highest possible standard of safety for our guests and staff. For your protection and peace of mind, the venues for all events will be equipped with best-in-class air disinfection devices from Novaerus, which cyclically disinfect the air of any harmful airborne pollutants, including Covid – 19.

This is an Irish designed and manufactured device which is used across 65 countries worldwide. Novaerus devices have been tried and tested for over a decade and are predominantly used in hospital settings even prior to March 2020.

Now for the science…

Novaerus is driven by science, facts and proof and has been independently tested in over 30 laboratories worldwide.

Utilizing NanoStrike™ Technology the devices have been shown to safely and effectively reduce airborne viruses, bacteria, mould spores, and VOCs, including 99.99% of Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid 19. This applies to any airborne viruses; flu, the common cold, mumps, measles and TB which are all destroyed at the DNA level by Novaerus technology. As Novaerus produces no dangerous by-products, it can safely run 24/7 in every venue with our staff and guests present.

The importance & benefits of clean air 

Until last year we never thought about air we breathe as we should have – like the clean water we want to drink and the nutritious food we need, clean air is essential to keeping us healthy.

Protecting and disinfecting the air we breathe with Novaerus not only helps to minimize the risk of catching the common cold, flu, bugs and Covid-19, it can also help to improve your overall health and wellbeing – great indoor air quality allows more oxygen to get to your brain which means you can breathe better, stay more alert and feel more refreshed. 

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